Server ban no reason.

I was just server banned (banned: No Reason) from the server Manchester 1. What a JOKE! Never in my life have hacked or know how to.

I would really want to know what is this?! Why have I been banned for no reason?!

I would really apraciate a valid answer.

Thank you in advance,


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This is my Steam Profile, Thank you.

You weren’t EAC banned, so I doubt that the ban was for hacking. Have you tried joining any other servers since the ban was placed?

Yes had no problem in other servers. And no, I didnt insult anyone or ever use the chat.

So… I dont know the reason.

Account 76561198047509227 is not EAC banned.

EAC nago thanks for the reply,

I know im not EAC banned, Im trying to know how to get unbanned from the server because i find no reason.

You probs got banned manually by an admin for whatever reason (building inside rocks, trolling, or being an absolute cunt - idk what you did, but these are the three most common reasons). Join another server, you’ll be fine.

I’m not a Rust dev and I didn’t ban you nor can I tell you why you’re banned, but I have a question. Do you think building bases inside rocks is a) a cool thing to do, or b) an exploit?

I’m not being snarky, I legitimately want to hear your answer.

Well, since I didnt build my base or anything into a rock, i really dont have an answer for your question…

I didn’t accuse you of building rock bases.

I asked if you believe that rock bases are acceptable or an exploit. Getting defensive about it does not help your position. It’s a yes or no question.

FYI I’m also not a mod, so I cannot threaten to ban you or anything, either. This is not a trap. I am merely asking, do you feel rock bases are okay or not?

I don’t have the answer as to why you were server-banned (or else I’d just give it to you instead of wasting your time on questions), but I can help narrow down things a bit in the meantime while we wait for a dev to take time off of making the game to come in here and explain.

I think its not a good idea, In rust if you dont have any thread i dont why you would play it.

Rust is fun because you can raid and be raided. Thats my opinion.

You were server banned from Manchester 1 for cheater association, not the first time either.

The ban will not be lifted.

Guilt by association is usually a bad argument in most scenarios.

Soooo… Im banned because one of my many friend have hacked? how can I know that?

And even if one hacked, Is that my problem? this is amazing…

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BTW Alistair-Mc New account who are you mate?