[Server] Bandwidth problem

Hi, sorry for my english :v:
I have a bandwidth problem with my custom DarkRP server.
Sometimes, the server’s FPS fall to 2.

Here is my server specs :
4 cores 4 gHz CPU
30mb/s upload speed
150mb/s download speed

Server stats when lagging :

CPU    In (KB/s)  Out (KB/s)  Uptime  Map changes  FPS      Players  Connects
120.82 24.83      24.07       873     0            2.00     10       190  

Net_graph :


Thanks for your help.

Your server is really badly fucked. You have too much shit going on. It’s either your server.cfg settings, or the exteme amout of addons you have ( or addons being fucked )

Are you able to list what addons you have?

Or the amount of props/entities moving about on the server - 120% CPU.

Hi, thanks for your replies.
I don’t have so much addons : (I’m only listing addons with lua) :
Pills, HL2 weapons, Advance money printer, Alyx EMP, Wiremod and 2 vehicles.

It’s a HL2RP server, players can’t spawn props.
The only entities moving are pills entities, and doors.

Up, I noticed something : When the server is lagging, it uploads less than it downloads.