Server Banner Generator
[release]Check out the new Server Banners beta website for your server image querying needs!
Easy as 123 to use, plus heaps of customization to choose from!
This brilliant service generates a banner for your server to display the name, map, players and much more!

An example banner generated for a regular Garry’s Mod server:

Even for the most simple computer user, this website could not be easier to use.
Built by the PubGamer community, full support is guaranteed!
Visit and build your own Server Banner today![/release]


good job.

Pretty useful

Indeed an amazing creation. Well done.

Would be even more nice if we can put are own banner.

Pubgamer is still around??

PubGamer is indeed still around, just down for the week due to the constant dos attacks.

Use your own background feature coming soon!


  • Custom background upload, now available!
  • Improved query, faster loading times.
  • Added more default backgrounds.

Coming soon:

  • Different Layouts.
  • Use a custom logo.

Thanks for this will use it!

The ones I made yesterday don’t work anymore.

Kinda neat.