Server being attacked..

Could someone please point me into the direction of how to compile this —> ?

The version 2 doesnt allow anyone to connect, saying “Validating app ticket…
Protocol mismatch”


It would just be compiled into a single dll right?

Im in process of download newest visual studio…

Afaik you shouldn’t need to update its module to gmod 13 since it doesn’t even use gmod 13’s module system. How is it loaded into the game?

The previous version follows as such.


I have found a couple mentions of people compiling this and using it to prevent attacks, the version 3 isnt fully public yet though so its just sourcecode…

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the vdf loads it as a plugin

ServerSecure really won’t help anymore, the only way you’ll “win” is with the attacks blocked at a network level.

This is only useful if your server is being flooded with packets using Valve’s protocol. (I.E. flooding the server with Challenges or other packets meant for client->server).

As Matt has said, you will need to get in contact with your server provider, and see if they can deal with the issues at their end.

As far as server attacks go if you’re on a dedicated server and it’s a real company. Not one of those out of the basement ripoffs then they’ll do it for you. They’ll null route the attack somewhere else. The only downside is no one would be able to join or play in that period. So, you’d basically have to wait, but the server would be safe.

The only thing you can really do is wait as far as I know.

Well im with elpishost…they are good but they told me to add the secureserver3 when I contacted them. I do believe this attack is one where someone sends a request to a game server master server list and spoofs the ip with my server ip, then my server gets that request return and the packet is missmached from whats expected from anything gmod related.

Yeah, I don’t know about that. However, I’ve seen this discussion many times before. The “solution” that I took away from all of those threads was that the only thing you can do is wait. Also, I don’t think Elpis would tell you that. They normally handle all of that themselves. Good choice going with them though. They’re an amazing host. I had them before, loved it.

You know, people are just cunts, basically. They can’t let people enjoy playing on a server. They see that and they get their little panties in a bunch because others are enjoying the game. So, they have to attack the server because they’re compensating for something. Either that or they got banned for something they did and was their fault, and they’re mad.

Either way, although I don’t know in-depth things about this, I think the only solution is to wait. They’ll get bored. Or Elpis will find a solution for you if it gets really bad.