Server being DDOS Attacked

Hey all, its been 2 days straight so far and my server is being atacked by ddos, just wondering if we are the only one or is this still happening to others? And how abouts do i fix this issue? I also dont know how to contact garry or his crew to ticket this issue anyone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can’t ticket a ddos attack unless they are exploiting a bug in one of the protocols the game server uses or the game server itself.
I guess all you can do is either try and figure out what they are attacking and fixing it, waiting it out or contacting your server host.

Ive done all three things u mentioned they are attacking with “Denial Of Service” im pretty sure this is a packet spam hack…we have contacted our server providers and all they seem to do is shut us down till the attacks are over. I just find it retarded that this issue is not fixed yet. You would go to think people would have them set as high priorites to fix due to people spending there money on these services.

A lot of people spend money on these services. It’s difficult to help everyone when you have a lot of customers so customers who have the more expensive packages get helped first and with more care.

Is it a windows or a linux server?


I’ll help you more when I get back. I’ll be back in ~2-3 hours

is there not some kinda program or fix that could patch this issue to stop people from ddos attacking?

No there isn’t but you can try and figure out what ip’s are flooding your server and request your host to block them/file an abuse report.
I know how to generate this list in linux but I can’t for the life of me remember what the windows command was.

KK thxs very much i will do a lil research on the matter and see if i can find it