Server being DDoS'd....


So… My servers been under a attack for about 1 week now. I’m not sure what too do, whos DDoSing me, or w/e. My community haven’t even been up for a month and its already being DDoS’d by kids. I have a VPS Dedicated server, running a Sandbox server and PERP server. I have no idea what to do too find the DDoSer IP or how to stop it.

Can someone please provide me some useful links for Stopping DDoS or How I can find the DDoSer IP?

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I’m pretty sure kids wouldn’t keep trying to dos your server for a week.

Check the server status and make sure that it isn’t on your side.

It wasn’t like a week, but it been like 3 days now. And its not my side thats for sure.

This DDoS always takes place daily. Like somewhere after school time or something.

Fucking kids.

Did you try contacting support? maybe they can help you with your issue?

I did, they said there’s nothing they can do.

Only choice I have is wait for DDoS too stop (Could take weeks) or Find a solution too stop them.

How is the attack affecting your server? Is the attack saturating the line? If your line is saturated, your provider should help you, if they wont then cancel your server and find a new provider that does.

If you have full remote access to your server then there are some tools you can use to mitigate most attacks so long as your line isn’t saturated.

I have remove access. So if you can help me there, that’d be great! Add me steam m_a_t_h_e_w

Can you get a list of IPs connected to your VPS via your control panel?

If you haven’t already try installing the DAF module found here and see if that helps.

The next thing you can try is a this program called sudpipe found here. You’ll need to set your server to a new port and run this program on your original port and set it to redirect legitimate traffic to your servers new port. This is only a temporary fix and doesn’t always work. If the attacker figures this out he will direct the attack to the new port.

Can’t he just use iptraf.

If it is a ‘proper’ DDoS, there is nothing you can do. Being on a VPS, you will just piss your provider off more and more each time you get attacked.

Have you tryed another port?

Author port wont help, they’ll just find the new port and DDoS it.

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OK so I tried DDoS attack fix, I’m not fully how its supposed to be installed.

I put the folder that said bin in my garrysmod bin folder.
I put the ddosttack.vdf (something like that) into garrysmod dir, addons, and before garrysmod (where srcds is). And I tried using its commands but didn’t work :confused: