Server Blacklisted?

I started running a rust server a few weeks ago on our dedibox and everything was running fine up until the DDOS attacks began.
We struggled on with the attacks like everyone else. Then the patch came down to remove the fake servers. So we updated the server. From that point on our server has not shown in the server browser.

I have done all sorts of tests, screwing around with the firewall everything… It just will not show. Hence the title.

I have added the server to gametracker to test the query port. It is working.
I can connect to the server with client.connect so it isn’t an issue of incorrect versions or more port issues.
If I collect the ip’s that have sent queries to the server my ip shows up in the list once I do a refresh on the server browser. So the server is getting the request at least. And the server browser is just not listing it.
I have booted a VM on my local network with a clone of our main dedi server’s OS and booted the server no problem. Showed up on the list right away.
I have also done clean installs of the server files several times so it isn’t an issue of a corrupt install.

I have tried good old twitter messing a couple of dev’s but none seem to want to respond.

Just as a little extra info. Did a wireshark capture and my computer does receive the query response from the server.

If everything was fine prior to garry blacklisting servers and now it’s not fine. You were obviously douching your server stats. Deal with it. Purchase a new IP on a different block from your dedi server provider

Very hostile, aren’t we.