Server Box

I don’t know much about servers that’s why I am asking here. It would be much more beneficial for me to have a server box so I can host my own servers, but I don’t know how I would put an srcds on a server box or how I get the server running. Can anyone show me a company?


You need to Port Forward in order to host.

No I am asking of a server company who offers server boxes compatible with srcds

Any system with a linux or windows OS is compatible with scrds…

Sweet who would you suggest?


He’s looking for a box not a gsp.

Thanks flapjack I will take a look at those (<-would not recommend this)

Lol if you didn’t reccomed it why would you link it?

Can’t believe im recommending them again, I’ll start looking like a stalker/advertiser at this rate.

However, I REALLY would recomend Gaming Deluxe for you if your in the EU/UK. There gaming boxes offer TCAdmin as part of the package. Meaning you can install and run yours servers from a control panel.

It would be a smooth way to learn how to manage SRCDS etc.

He is in the mid-US. He has also had experience managing a few servers through Xenon, which I am fairly certain uses TCAdmin. So with that, I hope it helps you guys choose stuff for him.

Definitely LimestoneNetworks.

Because of my experiences with the company. I have a grudge ageist them. Others may not have the same experiences and thus it may be the right company for you.

Ah alright well thanks for all the help and suggestions!

Adding to FlapJack’s post only use Linux if you feel are familiar with the os. Some dedicated provider make you set up your own VNC over SSH.

…or a Mac with wine.

Hardly an ideal option but perfectly right.