Server Browser cause internet connection to drop

Whenever I refresh my server browser list, and or try to connect to a server, it causes my internet to become extremely slow until it finally just disconnects. I get disconnected from steam, skype, and can’t even sign into Xbox-Live. The moment I quit Gmod, everything comes back online and starts working again.

However, I don’t have this issue when I try and play TF2, DoD:Source, CSS, or CS:GO.

I’ve tried to re-install it, defrag cache, and verify integrity of game cache, but nothing works.

I think its also important to mention that about three months ago we upgraded our internet from DSL to a Fiber Optic connection, but we never upgraded our router which is

Is this a problem with Gmod, or on my side?

I remember having this exact problem many years ago with CSS and mods based off CSS (and probably a few more Source games). What I basically had to do was pick a server really quickly before the connection went out after the browser was opened. I remember searching for answers at the time, and the only answer I ever found was that the problem was related to a few router models (had a Zyxel 660H). Sadly I could never fix it so I just didn’t play CSS.

I believe this has to do with the new server browser but I can’t confirm that. I can, however, confirm this issue, and that starting the game and joining via console works as intended. You should probably post this in the “Developments” section though, as it sounds like a bug now that I know someone else has this issue.

So I found out that if I connect to the server through the console it will work. However when I do finally connect my ping will slowly rise into the 600-700 range for a good 5-10 minutes. After about 10 minutes it finally starts to drop and becomes playable after it works itself down, which generally takes about 5 minutes.