Server browser doesn't list all the servers

For some reason my client doesn’t show all the servers (neither “Find multiplayer game” nor the legacy browser). I know this because a friend of mine gets 500+ servers in sandbox while for me there are only ~150 (at the same time). Same with TTT and the other game types.
However, I can connect to the “missing” servers via console.
What I’ve tried so far:

  • port forwarding (of the ports that are listed on this page:
  • deactivated filters
  • deleted all files in my Steam installation folder except for Steam.exe and the Steamapps folder
  • reset all firewall permissions (hl2.exe, steam.exe)
  • no other programs which may interfere with Steam are running
    Any other ideas of how to make my client list all the servers as well?

Thanks in advance,

I believe this is quite normal, because all you do is retrieving info from a Master Server, which sends you all the “registered servers” that are online at that time. If you receive an IP, you automatically ping it and ask it for info, which you can see. Maybe it has to do with ping? I mean, maybe your friend has a better connection?

I don’t think that’s the problem because I can join the servers via console and our pings are roughly the same. My internet is even faster.
Thanks for your effort though!

What I am saying, is that you retrieve all the server’s IPs, and you ask them for info. not all servers get their info back to you, and because you query so many servers at once, they may not all show up.

So there’s no way to solve this?