Server browser icons.

Where do you direct the image to be on the client for them to see it in their server browser? As in putting my icon24.png in fast download, then what folder should i have it be sent to so when a player opens their server browser they see it next to my gamemode?

Do you have the same issue as me?

You cant they have to have it on there client but it has to be in the same file structure as it is for the gamemode normally

No, no, you can.
I got this failure because of CloudFlare.
Without CloudFlare, it works well.

resource.AddFile( "gamemodes/universityrp/icon24.png" )

Yes but it will only show after they have joined the server in that gmod run, because that file wont get downloaded until the client requests it (when they join)

Naturally, there is nothing magic yet.

What the fuck, that necro-posting of 4 years…

Wow i didnt even notice i just saw it had a recent post