Server Browser is lagging

Hello, i can’t join any community Server because the browser is lagging so hard
when it’s searching for new servers. Is there any way to fix this?

I can post my pc specs if necessary

i7 3770k @ 4,6ghz
gtx 660 ti
16g ddr3 ram

This is the same problem why people cannot “connect” from the server browser. It just lags so hard that it won’t take any input. Fixing this should be the top priority right now.

Before the most recent update it was fine.

Have the same specs basically and same problem

same problem here! i also noticed that it impacts performance during in-game also!

^ bump :frowning:

I’ve found the server browser is virtually unusuable.

When I first got rust, it was a little unresponsive, especially when switching tabs.

But now, it’s insane.

It takes up to a minute before taking any sort of command, and even then, sometimes I have to restart the game multiple times before I’m able to join a server.

Same problem, only works when i’ve fully loaded Official servers then click History and join my home server.