Server Browser Landing Pages

I’m not sure if this has already been addressed, but this feels like a good enough idea to make into it’s own thread and get the general consensus and feedback from other people.
I was thinking it would be a great idea if in the server browser we could click on the server and it would take you to a little landing page which server owners could use to put video clips of gameplay from their gamemode or server to let people get a little taste of what the server would be like before joining, or add specific criteria for the person to meet before being able to join the server. I think this could increase the quality of servers and would also allow people starting off with creating new servers to garner a bigger playerbase due to them being able to see what the server has to offer.
For concept, I’m thinking something like how you browse games in Roblox, but have the landing page built into a browser in the game itself so people don’t have to open a web browser to see the content.
What do you guys think?

I think it’s a good idea. Garry also talked about the possibility of having matchmaking without server hopping so having the matchmaking integrating into this page could be a solution, but only let you matchmake if you have the files downloaded obviously. Likewise, in Roblox the page isn’t specific to the server but the gamemode, which is why what I said about matchmaking makes sense.

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Per gamemode would not work here however. Each server can tailor their experience with addons and stuff, that means the gameplay might be significantly different between each one. Hence why I advocate for an updated Server Browser that would allow you to see addons installed by each server, ping, and gamemode.

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This can also be included in the features. I still think it would be a great idea to have a preview of the gameplay, considering that if they allow tailoring to custom experiences, then they should all be able to showcase custom videos or content that they have. If you can only list the content you have, text doesn’t really convey features to people, and might lead to servers with good content being glossed over.

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Right, then make two landing pages, one per-gamemode with general ideas, and one per-server, which would state the main differences ideally. Not sure.

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That sounds complicated, It would be confusing for the user too…

The gamemode one could be a sidebar thing and on the middle you’d see the server list as usual.

Sounds kind of similar to an idea I had for server ‘hubs’, something like this:


  • Created through facepunch (A web interface somewhere)
  • Allows for basic customization (Icon, name, short description, long description, URL’s for things like repositories, forums or discord server links)
  • Generates a server key
  • Server key can either be given out publicly for gamemodes (Workshop page?) or kept private for communities


  • Plug server key into a config file/launch options to make them show up on the server browser
  • Servers are listed under the hub corresponding to their server key
  • Optional ‘discourage’ configuration flag (Removes the join button and force-sorts the server to the bottom of the server list, for matchmaking or other servers you’re not meant to directly connect to but still want to have the player count add to the totals)

Server browser

  • Searchable/filterable list of hubs based on categories
  • Hubs show info and a server list

This way communities can have their own hubs for all of their servers, gamemodes can have public hubs for individual servers and complete idiots can attach their sandbox server to the TTT hub… wait shit.


This actually sounds like a great idea, this was better than the idea that I was thinking of. We definitely need a system like this.