Server BUG - HELP ME !

After upgrading some commands are not working.

The airdrop server is not automatic and airdrop.min_players already used the command and still nothing changes.
The breaking of the buildings are also not working and also already used the decay.decaytickrate command.

Can someone help me with the airdrop, because I am making the manual release them.

More informations needed, which hoster are you using?


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The airdrop not leaving this automatic server and the number of people is already reaching necessary for him to pass.
What should we do?

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im using multiplay host.

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im using multiplay host.

Thought so, had same issue.

Create a new profile. Dont activate it. Just edit it.
-Add all plugins you want to run.
-edit your server.cfg
-edit all plugin cfg and txt files (as you did on your old profile)
-edit server name and rcon password on your Settings page (as you did on your old profile)
The server is going to restart.

Now you are running the new profile. Player and world data wont be lost.
Plugin data will be lost. You could copy the Doorshare data but you cant modify others.

Note that not all plugins are working until multiplay updates them.

I use the vanilla server with no plugn. If I backup, reset the server and then restore it solve?

Vanilla has no commands?

Or do you mean rcon commands?
For the commands to apply, you have to add them into the server.cfg, so they are loaded upon startup.

Like my server.cfg

My problem is that this does not airdrop automatic out … what could it be?

Airdrop is currently broken. You have to call it by urself.
Wait for the devs to fix it