Server Bug: Thousands of NullReferenceExceptions

As the titles says, after about 12 hours of being up and running the server starts throwing up “NullReferenceExceptions” about 10 per second, this looks to be causing a lot of people to crash and have logging in problems.
any other admins having this problem?

as i was saying this only happens after 12+ hours of pretty high server uses.

The biggest problems im facing as a server admin right now is this error, people not being able to wake up and people crashing to desktop on load (when one person crashes anyone close to them also crashes).

happened to us Saturday night


happened to us Saturday night

i’ll also just add that restart the server will fix the problem for a few hours.

I had the same issue, as an admin, it eventually stopped doing it hours later, but I was the only one seeing the issue in rcon, the server owner was not affected. But we just restarted our server due to a mass of in-game issues and my console was working fine beforehand and immediately afterwards, but after half and hour or so the NullReferenceExeptions started scrolling nonstop down the screen again, again just for me. I started a remote on my phone and there was no issue there. using Rusty and tools/bbtracker on the computer and a remote tools/bbtracker on the phone.

thats for good to know Owen

ill also just clarify this error is coming up for me in the server console and not a 3rd party program such as Rusty

That is interesting since I’m not getting it in game console but only in 3rd party programs… could very well be different issues.

Seen this on my server (Rustilicious UK), everyone connected starts to lag out and eventually disconnects.

Restart fixes it but it comes back eventually, the restart makes everyones locks/keys stop working and they rage quit.

Seems to do it more when population is high.

I have created a bug report for this here, please comment with info to get this fixed

Thanks for posting that bug report.

right now iv got 80 people on the server with this bug going on, always sucks to restart a server with that many people on.

the errors have stopped for now, this happened once the server population started to go down, at a guess the population was just under 60… might not be related

EDIT 2: just started happening again, happened 30 second or so after spawning a airdrop, again might not be related but ill stop spawning airdrops for now