Server Cam?

This is an idea I’ve been bouncing around in my head for a while.

Live video streaming from a server. The image would come from the view of a bot/entity in the map which is placed by the admin on the server. Then you could view server activity live and online. Maybe even from another server?

Couldn’t you essentially have the camera be a player which is recording their screen live and then sending that to a website containing the live video?

Just an idea.

Great idea. Would be useful for us who cant be bothered to patrol our servers when admins are not online.

Hm… Sounds interesting, or what about something akin to halo 3’s theater? Which actually records all that information in 3d. Would be very useful.

great idea but could you imagine the amount of lag it would create streaming all this information?

Source TV, google it.

It’s already built into Source.


In terms of Lua, this cannot be done. If garry fixes the avi library, possibly.