server can't be found in both LAN and internet

I’ve just set up a dedicated server. and already had opened the ports 25000-30000 on both TCP and UDP. I set srcds to work at port 29500 since the standard port is already in use by other programs. I have tried both sv_lan 1 and sv_lan 0 in server.cfg.
I’m sorry I can’t post a condump. I don’t know the command for that. If you want you can try to connect using
When trying to connect to this IP my experience is that it can make a connection to the server. and tell that it’s a dedicated MP server. but It doesn’t really do much more than that.
Tell me if you do have any success connecting. I just want the server for friends. but it isn’t passworded until I get this fixed.

Have you forwarded the ports on your router?

yes I have, the ports 25000 to 30000 have been forwarded to my static ip: and the servers port is set to 29500

Well, Source servers are usually 27015, why don’t you set your port to that?

that port is already in use. I thought port 29500 most surely wasn’t used. but trying 27015 with the using program closed down didn’t work either

What’s using 27015?

vuze. But I’ve seen other players on my server. in the console. seems like I’m the only one that is unable to join. still on port 29500

ok now I myself can join using my lan IP. and some random people from the internet can join. but somehow my friends can’t while they can join other servers like noxiousnet

my friend uses the join friend function on steam. could it be his gmod is then trying to connect to my local IP instead of my online IP?

go to and write down your IP
Then tell you friend to type “connect ip” in his console, Ofcourse without “” and with replaced ip

I’ve got my ip from the console. it did work. but it’s nice to just be able to connect using the invite option. so is there any way to get the invite option to work. so it won’t pass my local ip to my friend, but passes my online ip

The invite friend thing is super-buggy. Just give him the IP and tell him to use connect <server IP> in the console. Works all the time as long as your server is running.

ok ty. and another question. as someone enters my server. my server outputs the following: “repopulating clients” and always after this statement player is dropped from the server. saying the user dusconnected. while I believe they didn’t