Server cant seem to find files in my addon?

Hey guys i need some help. I’m trying to create a addon. Basically files wont load. Im trying to keep things neat by having things like derma stored in seperate files.

The thing is the derma.lua file cannot be found anywhere even tho its in the addon

Thats the link to my addon, hopefully someone could check it out and tell me what I’ve done wrong?

Thanks in advance.

You forgot to AddCSLuaFile(“derma.lua”)

also you don’t need to include a client side file inside a serverside file?





AddCSLua all client side files and shared
Include shared files and server

include shared files and client side files

If you don’t include something. It just means you can’t access its global variables or functions etc. So if my config.lua (which is shared) wasn’t included server side, that server sided file can’t find any of the
data inside config.lua. Same applies clientside.

Thanks a tonne!