Server Category is gone.

EDIT: Interestingly enough, out of no where, the category just popped up. Thanks anyways lol.

Hey there.

Recently, after logging onto Garry’s Mod, I’ve noticed that our server’s category, (And prob other servers since I cannot even find the category) was set to a “DarkRP” Category. It’s not, however, the official category for “DarkRP” (The one that’s always at the top is :P). Here’s a screenshot of the server’s category: The category worked last night. The appropriate category is normally “halorp”. And yes, I have check over the Server’s Command Line, and the gamemode.txt and folder. This is just now happening. I’m assuming that other HaloRP servers are experiencing this issue, since, like I stated earlier, I can’t even find the right Category. Can anyone lend a hand here?