Server.cfg for TTT

I’m in need of a server.cfg for TTT. I’m confused on how to set it up

Like what? I am a owner of a TTT server and manage it.

Commands I have in mine:
fretta_voting 0 – This is so it doesn’t allow fretta gamemode changing.
ttt_minimum_players X – I use this so for how many people it is needed in the server for the round to actually start. If you have it at 2 or more, The less people you have, the round will not start intell you get enough players in the game.
ttt_always_use_mapcycle – I use this to use the mapcycle.txt I created so it selects the maps I want tell the rounds end on TTT.

Also, If you can put scriptenforcer (sv_scriptenforcer 1) on to protect the server with people hacking. I use a custom one because ScriptEnforcer breaks my gamemode so if you have it on and your gamemode breaks it is probably script enforcer.