Server.cfg recommendations!

Hey all,

Decided to dare to have a peek in our server.cfg file after it being left untouched for about 8 months, and I look at what’s in there with deep worries.

Just to put some context down, our server’s player count sometimes peaks at 65/65 (Usually on weekends, 50+ on weekdaysish) and the dedicated server is on a 1GBp/s port and has unlimited bandwidth

So baring in mind what’s above is the following values disgustingly low?

sv_minrate 0
sv_maxrate 0
sv_minupdaterate 40
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_mincmdrate 40
sv_maxcmdrate 100

(Not fully relevant but the tickrate is 23 if anybody was interested)

I know there are varies website’s that can give you ‘guides’ and I know about that steam knowledge base page from like 2008 but that’t wasn’t an overwhelming amount of help from what I remember.

Id also much rather prefer to hear there thoughts from a person, rather than a calculation on a website of following a wobbly guide on the steam website.

Thanks in advance!

You think that your values are too low? If anything, they’re higher than necessary. Do you actually have any noticeable issues?

Beware! Poorly annotated screenshots edited using paint incoming!

Yes, recently I’ve noticed this in the netgraph.

It could be my home connection but the odd reading on the graph only seems to occur when the player count is high.

Also loading times after its all done downloading and sending client info has increased, and the netgraph looks like this in this 1 - 4 minute time period (once again could just be our servers being slow af because at the end of the day we are just another one of ‘those darkrp servers’)

It could be a separate issue though, or even my internet for that.

Thanks again,

Try this:

sv_minrate 1
sv_maxrate 1048576
sv_minupdaterate 1
sv_maxupdaterate 24
sv_mincmdrate 1
sv_maxcmdrate 24

There’s no point on having your updaterate/cmdrate higher, than your tickrate + 1, it is unnecessary. I’ve heard that high rates can cause lags. Also, “0” in minimal rates means “unlimited”, so all minimal rates should be 1.

Ok! Thanks for that. Ill give it a go tonight! :smile:

Which is also interesting is that if I remember rightly all the website recommending these settings the sv_maxupdatereates and sv_maxcmdrates were somewhere in the thousands :stuck_out_tongue:

maxupdate rate has to do with your tickrate, and as said above, shouldn’t be higher than your tickrate since… useless…?