What would be the best rates for a 64 slot player server?

I currently use these:

sv_minupdaterate “10”
sv_maxupdaterate “33”
sv_mincmdrate “10”
sv_maxcmdrate “33”
sv_minrate “0”
sv_maxrate “30000”

Some guy said the sv_maxrate is too low, but I am not sure if that is true, would be nice if anyone would know that.

In my experience, 30000 definitely seems to low, although these resources say otherwise:

If you want to go into detail you can use Drek’s HLDS / SRCDS rate calculator, which calculates to a maxrate of about ‘28,500’, based on the server using 64 slots.

Another good resource is the “Optimizing a Dedicated Server” page, which states “A good rule for SRCDS (Source Games) is 53.4KBits per player (about 1.5x more than HLDM).”

Based on that information, a good maxrate for a 64 slot dedicated server would be** 3,417.6KBits**, although the rate is based on kilobytes, so if you multiply the given number by 8, you’d be sitting at around 27,340kilobytes.

The only REAL reason you have for changing these is if the server isn’t running steadily, which may also be due to a mixture of possibly problems, such as optimized addons etc. as opposed to the assumption that it’s the rates.

In terms of your maxupdate/cmdrates, 16 is a commonly used number on higher-slotted servers, primarily around the gamemodes StarwarsRP and DarkRP. 10 is suitable for your minupdate/cmdrates, and 0 is fine for minrate.

If it were me, I’d be putting the ‘33’ rates to 16,
and the maxrate to AT LEAST 50000 just to play it safe.
I’m happy for anyone to correct me if I’m wrong.

What gamemode are you running?

I am running the gamemode DarkRP, obv.
I own 2 TTT servers and 1 sandbox servers either, but they are running on another machine.

I dont have real issues with lag, when the server is full 64/64 everybody has a 50-100 ping.
I just wanted to ensure myself everything is okay with that rates.

If you have no lag issues, then you’re perfectly fine.

I have issues, but they are minor, but I’d like to fix em.
Addons are optimized as fuck.