Server Changes Since Steam?

Hi all, I don’t know if there is a post about this anywhere, I browsed a few threads couldn’t see anything about it so here is my issue. I used to play Rust through this link:
Now that link doesn’t work, it used to be the “EU - Amsterdam” server, I click play game now and there isn’t even an Amsterdam EU server. Do I need to start over on one of the new servers now or am I missing something? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Try randomly going on the servers trying to find your own.

Tried one or two no luck, I’ll try the rest now thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah when they changed the server list they renamed and made a few more servers. I used to play on US3 West coast, but that is now US West Renton or something like that, and US 3 is now a DC server. There is a chance your server got wiped though too?