Server Chat Advertisments

I have a server running DarkRP

How do I make it so that every X minutes a message is displayed in the chat.
I’ve seen this done before and I even think there are some by default but I want to make one my self so…

Did you try checking F1 and F2? There are some useful tips there.

None of them are LUA related though.

Look at ULX’s source code, I think they have auto messages.

He didn’t ask for LUA ones

What you’re looking for is the hint.lua, which is located in “gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemodes/hints.lua”.

When you open it, it has alot of hints in it, you can add your own by typing the same thing in, well not entirely same. Forexample:

[lua]table.insert(hints, “Welcome to my server!”)[/lua]

Quick Fact; Hints are picked randomly and each minute - You can add multiple “custom” hints, by simply doing what I did.