Server Check

Interested in any suggestions for new server I just put up for GM

Hey All,

I have just set up a new server at and was hoping that some of you might join and review it.

I am eager to hear any opinions or things you think I should do to it to make it better.

You can add me on steam friends: to get up with me directly.

New to GM and any help would be appreciated.

Also, if you want admin to review in depth just let me know, that’s no problem.

Thanks in advance!

yeah, sorry, must have been down for a few, been installing stuff - but thanks for the heads up

Sure bud, thats why its still down.

thanks - its back up now - trying to get my svdownloadurl right - not sure if it works at all wanna help?


no its down again until i get the sv download stuff right - would appreciate some help on that, view my other post