Server Checker

Hello, I’m gonna soon run my server outta my computer. And i have it all ready and set :D. And so i want my server controlled by Server checker. Can someone please tell me how to use it? I’m new to it :3 here is some info;

Server File Location:

Server Srcds

Server Ipaddress:
Join IP:
Privet IP:

Server Name/etc…:
Name: [Gun’s] BuildRP [PHX3/Wire/FastDL]
Gamemode: Darkrp
Server Players: 20
Map: gm_xenon

More information can be given if ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging by your ISP, I doubt that you would be able to host a 20 slot server without noticeable lag.
And it is on your gaming PC so lag is going to be obvious.