Server: Clean Wipe 12.27 - [PVP/SLEEP] No Admin Abuse PSeG

Hello Guys,

I want you to join us and help us make this an awesome server with good people and PVP is always a plus. Below is the information about our server. Please join us today!

Clean Wipe 12.27 - [PVP/SLEEP] No Admin Abuse PSeG

PvP/Sleep ON - 100 player server.
Friendly Admins - (3-4) for around the clock solutions to hackers/server issues
Wipes Only If Required By Update
FRESH SERVER - Clean Wipe as of 11:00pm 12/27.
Server Location: Chicago, Illinois

Absolutely No Admin Abuse Allowed or Tolerated!

Game Server IP: net.connect

We are focusing on getting an active player base started as fast as possible to reduce the chances of people getting ahead.

We prefer server wipes to be less often than some servers (unless we have to due to updates) and will do so based on the general opinion of the players.

A server forums will be created in the future. Again, we just started this server so get in and start building!


Great server, admins are chill. Havent had any lag (in between all the ddosing).

Server is still fresh, no big houses yet.

join up and start building. no big houses yet. admin is doing an air drop later tonight (assuming we dont have 30+)

Hey guys just let you know we changed the Server name to the F shack! we just feel its a stronger name. We really would like you to join us ASAP we have a really good server just looking for friendly players enjoying some PvP!!!

20 people large. join up, prime real estate available. no air drops yet (25-30 will start i think)

Can i connect to private servers like this if i just download a torrent version or rust? not bought from steam? poorfag here