[Server => Client] -- [Client => Server]

What functions can I use to send server data to client, and vice versa?

Like if I use sqlite server wise and I have a value class in there, how can i retrieve value from the sqlite db and pass that to the client so I can use that input in a derma client screen?

(I know the sqlite functions and how to work with it, just gave it as an example, just need to know what function I can use to store the data and pass it to client)
Hope there is a ‘easy’ way for it.

Server - > Client : Usermessages
Client - > Server : Concommands

Usermessages for server -> client data transfer and Console Commands for client -> server data transfer.





Also thanks


Will try this tonight and see if I can manage it a bit :smiley:

Come on people, console commands? Really?

Oehhh, nice :smiley:

Datastream uses usermessages and console commands.

You should only post if you know what you are talking about. Why would you need to use datastream if console commands are perfectly fine. I would only ever use datastream if I was sending large tables to the server (which I never would do anyway).