Server Client Issues

Hello, I’m having some issues with my server I’m trying to run a zombie survival gamemode on it and for the most part it works perfectly fine on my end, but for others who join it they are encountering errors that I don’t know how to fix. One issue is that when clients try to join they get the “missing map error” where when players join they can’t connect because the server says they’re missing the map even though the map is on the server and should be downloaded automatically when they join. I have researched this and have found no way to successfully fix it. I have tried to add the command line for example resource.AddSingleFile( “/maps/zs_barrelfactory.bsp” ) and it does nothing. The other issue is when clients join they see errors in the HUD here’s an example.

This is what I see and this is what clients see.

I believe I have set up the materials and models in the correct directories and it appears fine on my end, but the thing that doesn’t make sense is that I’ve tried connecting to my server on a spare steam account on another computer of mine and when connecting it shows you downloading the material files that make up the HUD and yet it still shows errors, so I have no idea why its still missing on other players side. I followed this tutorial as this is the type of server I have “” My server settings are as follows

sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0
net_maxfilesize 64
sv_downloadurl " "

I did exactly as the tutorial in the link above says, yet I still have these errors if someone could please give me some advice/guidance on how to fix these issues I would greatly appreciate it as setting up this server/FastDL shit is one of the most aggravating things I’ve ever messed with.

-Thanks Phazon

You’ve set FastDL to the FTP port and you have an extra space after the URL

I see, well I hate to ask but do you know of any good tutorials for setting up FastDL so that the sv_downloadurl is instead another website that clients can download the files from? I’ve looked on youtube and searched around on google for a good one, but most are either for setting up addons or workshop content I’m just trying to get a gamemode going is all.

Install a web-server such as nginx or apache on your box. As far as I can tell you already have IIS installed as your web-server, so you should put your content there.

After that you can follow my little write-up.

This tutorial is still relevant:

Just ignore when it talks about the cache; that is no longer needed.

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Actually, read Svenskunganka’s.