[SERVER] CLIENT Randomly crashes! I Need help !

Hey Guys!
i have a big problem with my Server. The Clients randomly crashing, the Server Console dont show any errors only -> “<User> Timed out”, like this : http://prntscr.com/c9je1b

I really dont know what i can do, also i dont know how to find it. I cant remove all addons. Its an Public Server and is mostly full, also the error is randomly i cant say if it helps only when i test it every time for 2 or 3 days and hope.

This the list of my addons : http://prntscr.com/c9jem4
And workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=726256113

This a crash report of me when i crash on my server : http://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/dumper.py?dump=hl2_160706_crash_2016_8_22T14_10_28C0.mdmp&key=ecbG3PMW0AE_frrLRCJOv66jHekL2GQ6uVGAH-4_D2J_qH9mnuLua2TUhCgiIqkLWNAwkCyFgKWOm_ZWBTwhH9vHG6IhcPNRGL5cvAMBkF3bQoYe_IG9g5C9UvzmeqYJhsgfyH68zLG_FkPOo8tLGqDjNF4H3eMiusdIaM2uH7M=

And a second of my friend who crash on my server : http://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/dumper.py?dump=hl2_160706_crash_2016_8_22T15_38_33C0.mdmp&key=Fe7t2eSCwf_7GrMXPk_cMXYEVCda1746Yc8LPSMI3pWdOJ2l7heN2DN8ORFI6uvZ8IGHGEtkIXCfQ5EuYpeT0ar_zPX4KA-IQ5wRJlpnm1WS3HPGi4J8L9rWe4XXeDeARNeYYJpyq29dhWBL71BwIOmSx40OWPpRvg8nmetmQMc=

This is my dedicated server stuff :
Intel i7-4790K
4 Cores / 8 Threads
4,0 GHz / 4,4 GHz
32 Go DDR3 1333 MHz
2 x 240 Go SSD

Please, help me i really need help

UP please


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