Server / Client Update Resetting Items?

I just finished logging in after a client update and noticed that practically everything stored in my base is now gone (resources, weapons, food, etc - several crates worth). My initial thought was that someone raided me, but all of the doors (metal, and definitely closed) and walls are still intact. Does anyone know if this could be a side effect of the recent update, or could it be that I’m just the unfortunate victim of some sort of exploit? I walked around the outside of the house and nothing is clipping or accessible through the walls or anything.

I’m hoping it’s not the latter, because it took a long time to gather and craft all of that stuff and it seems kind of pointless to start over if someone is just going to use an exploit to take everything again.

Has anyone else experienced this after an update?

Thanks in advance…

You could have been sleep-bagged clean. Cheaters either remove/modify rust files or use hacks to be able to place a sleeping bag into your base, they then suicide inside, place everything in a box placed against a wall and get everything from the outside. I suppose they would’ve also destroyed the box they used… this leaves no traces (they can destroy the sleeping bags and boxes). I wish all servers disabled the use of sleeping bags…

Thanks for the feedback… I’m hoping that’s not the case but in all likelihood, you’re probably right. There were two sleeping bags outside our place, but not within the walls. Damn shame… we were having a ton of fun playing up until this point, but if people can just exploit bugs in the code to walk through walls then it kind of defeats the entire purpose of the game (spending x number of hours tediously gathering and crafting stuff to gradually progress through the game). We’ll probably give it one more shot in the off chance that it was some kind of fluke, but it sounds like it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.

Thanks again.

You could have been raided in a normal way, the server could have wiped, you could have lost everything to a hacker, an admin could have just walked in. There are so many ways to loose all you’re shit. It’s just Rust. Don’t get to attached to your stuff…

Edit: on a side note, you will find out after hundreds of hours sitting on a pile of loot that actually the building up part is the best part of Rust. Don’t give up if you lost all you’re stuff.

Yeah, we’re playing on an official server so I would think the admin theory would be off the table, but I guess we shouldn’t reject the possibility entirely. I asked other players in global chat if they had experienced similar issues, but apparently not so it’s not looking like a server wipe was the culprit either.

You make a good point in that building our base was probably the best time that we’ve had so far playing the game, but I guess the question that I’d have to ask is what purpose does that serve if someone can just exploit a bug to walk though the walls.

The sad part is that hacking probably wasn’t nearly as common as it used to be, but after being subjected to other players ruining the game experience over and over again using exploits, I guess I could see how someone would eventually give in and turn to the dark side, realizing that trying to play the game legitimately is a lost cause. I wouldn’t do it myself, because it defeats the entire purpose of the game, but considering the number of people that are flying around on my “official” server, it’s not so hard for me to understand why someone might eventually cave in and use the hacks just to make things even.

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At the very least I think it would be cool if facepunch started a forum group to report hackers with a well defined set of rules in place for submission (requiring video capture of the offenders or something along those lines), but at the same time I can understand why they probably haven’t because it would most likely be immediately inundated with kids saying “player x just KoS’d me… he’s hacking!”. That pretty much comprises 25% of the global chat on our server (not to say that some of the complaints aren’t legit, but I would expect nearly half of them are just kids whining).

This is explicitly addressed in the rules sticky linked at the top of the forum that you’re supposed to read before making a thread. I recommend glancing at it before continuing this thought.

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And video/screenshot evidence is not enough to definitively ban someone from a product they paid for. It can be faked, and it doesn’t prove that a given player is, without a doubt, a Steam ID.

Apologies… didn’t realize that speaking one’s mind in the form of a hypothetical solution with full acknowledgement to the difficulties that one might encounter while trying to realize said solution was a breach of forum rules. And that wasn’t the topic of the thread, it was a tangential thought in response to the underlying issue and discussion at hand.

That being said, I could easily see how screenshots could be manipulated to whatever purpose. Seems like video would prove a little more difficult, though not impossible I suppose. Just doesn’t seem like most people would be willing to invest the amount of time required to pull something like that off.

Regardless, if simply acknowledging or addressing an issue with the game is against forum rules then someone should probably take a second to review the original intentions behind establishing such a policy and carefully reconsider whether or not those intentions remain applicable or are being misinterpreted in a way that would result in a negative impact on the community.

I’m not a mod, so I don’t have any right to say that this or that post of yours is breaking any rules. Doing this is a bad idea, in fact.

However, you specifically said this:

There is a specific thread designated for hacker/cheater discussion and reports. It is linked in the rules sticky. I was telling you exactly where to find what you are looking for.

They might’ve just raided you normally and then replaced the walls , many do that

Don;t play on officials , go on modded/community servers , it will take some time to find a really good one but there are some out there and when a wipe happens no worries , you can get guns and most of the other stuff fast anyway , the big fun is happening then when everybody is out shooting each other trying to farm the towns and so on .

Yeah, that’s quite possible and not something that I considered. Our base was compartmentalized into two separate rooms that were both looted so they would have needed to use at least 4 charges of C4 (or 44 grenades?) so if that’s the case then I guess it’s at least somewhat redeeming to know that the items they took were worth less than what it would cost to craft the amount of C4 necessary to break in.

In retrospect, I’m wondering if a couple of people just sat there for a while guessing codes to the doors. Our code (0015) wasn’t exactly difficult to guess if someone invested the time and used an incremental approach starting at 0000, but it’s not really something I would expect a player to do since there’s a delay between attempts. If they did, then hey… they earned it and there’s definitely no hard feelings there.

Happened again. You were spot on with the sleeping bag theory. They left the bags this time, both clipping through the walls. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted… well, kind of anyway. Between the rampant use of hacking progs and exploitation of bugs it’s probably been more frustrating than fun. Guess it’s time to move on to something else until they have a release that addresses these issues.