Server Colocation

Can’t find a good place. Any suggestions?



I use rapidswitch good price, but they dont have 24/7 access like other data centres and you have to pay to use their workshop area which is avaiable between 8-8.

iWeb is pretty legit for Canada, wouldn’t say their support is the greatest (ESL or what) but the price is right. I just ship servers to the datacentre and if they break I just get them shipped back for me to fix them.

US, and anywhere in Chicago?

Kansas City is pretty close to Chicago, but if you want something in Chicago:

One last question, what would a good internet speed be for hosting a few game servers?

20Mbps upload.

The total comes to 180 for the speed alone. Whoa.

Id suggest Joe’s DataCenter or Wholesaleinternet.

Quality and service are great on both. Same building, just a floor away and in Kansas City.

Joe’s is horrible. I colocated with him in the past and it took seven days to answer a simple bandwidth inquiry via ticket.

I have servers with him and he replies within couple minutes. Also check out WebHostingTalk for more suggestions.

Joe’s gets their bandwidth through Wholesale.