Server Commands

I was a bit curious towards the server commands.
As an admin of a server you have acces to some commands, but some are rather incomplete.
Like the inv.giveplayer “player” “item” I’m actually missing an ammount function here. I don’t really like it to coppy paste inv.giveplayer name Wood a 1000 times.
The teleport to location, alright. Nice. But… How can you see your location? is this something being worked on?
Spawning NPC’s. This would be nice for admins to do. To create certain events and just spawn like 20 zombies for a group to kill.
Feedback from other admins is welcome, and I just wanted to bring up some ideas and questions for the devs.

For the Amount, just add a number behind the item.

With the inv.giveplayer and inv.giveall commands, you can specify the amount at the end. For example, inv.giveplayer “x” “Wood” 1000 would give them 4x 250 Wood.

It would be good to have some kind of coordinates indicator either as a console command or on the screen. It makes teleport.topos a little useless without it!

I like the idea of spawning NPCs too - having server events could be great fun.

Thanks for the amount tip!
Hopefully they will ad the coords soon!

There is a 4th parameter if I remember correctly. It was to specify weapon slots.
We’ll add that to **[

Rust Wiki - Server Commands](** shortly.

Thought that was random actually. But well, nice.
Any ideas on the locations?