Server Commands?

as rust experimental grows up. I am sure server commands are added or tweaked.

is there a list of these and a place to stay on top of them?

I host a server and just learned about:

Env.time and

some are not working correctly (IMO), for example:
inventory.give “hatchet” player.
what ever I enter for player the item goes into my pack.

basically a list of these would be great.


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Also a list of proper item names would be great!

I’ve found several lists of server commands, and they’re all different, missing commands, etc. I’m trying to find as many lists as completed to compile a more complete list of commands that actually work.

I too can’t get some commands to actually work, like giving someone a piece of inventory. I’ve tried to help a couple of noobs out by giving them a hatchet, but it always ends up in my own inventory.