Server commands

Hello im hoping for some help :slight_smile:

I am a server owner and looking for a better way of doing restarts… right now i give a warning 5 mins before ( which is fine ) my problem is sometimes people are afk and what ever is in their crafting queue will be lost when the server restarts during their crafting ( hope this makes sense ) what im looking for is a way to cancel everyones crafting queue… i found this command “craft.cancel” not giving an error but not working as intended either… is there any command for this or was it taking out of the game?

Thanks in advance

So i assume there is no such command?

There are external rcon admin tools like where you can schedule timed commands like “say Server is restarting in 30 minutes.” or so.

I give a 5 min warning and also say STOP CRAFTING !!. its tough if they are AFK.

yeah i do the same… but it would be nice if you could stop the crafting world wide