@Server/Community Owners: Do you ever get bored/tired of it?

I’ve been running a TTT server & Community for over a year now, however a while ago, I stopped playing on it as I just got bored and couldn’t be bothered with the banter, so I lost all motivation & interest, however everyone else still loves it. So I haven’t taken it down, but I’m still pumping money into it. Have been doing so for the past 6 or so months. I don’t take donations in, so its all coming out of my own pocket, So it brings me onto my questions;

Have you ever gotten bored or tired of running your server / community?

How long have/had you been running your server/community?

What’s motivating you to continue running it?

If you didn’t continue running it, Why did you stop & do you regret not continuing?

I’ve ran mine for a year, took a three month break, change a lot of stuff, and bring it back up. Changing a lot of stuff it that time made it feel more enjoyable and exciting in that time.

I ran my community Casual Bananas for little over 2 years. In the end I pretty much got tired of the drama within the community. I understand that there is drama in every community, but the actions taken by the co-owner such as banning people for speaking against him and removing every single bad word said about him (dictatorship + censoring everything, fun), made me leave the community and right now it’s been sold to a Minecraft community that wanted to throw money at a problem, that being they wanted to expand.

I loved the community, I loved creating content (even though I was only working on the website, I created functionality, which is content aswell) for the people and receiving positive feedback from them. Even though we had a unmanaged dedicated server, I wrote my own control panel to allow certain people to restart servers when they deemed neccesary. All together, I got tired of the community itself, it’s atmosphere and such, but this was all mainly caused by the guy who couldn’t be touched, not by the players.

I’d say, you’re a good guy if you keep spending money on a server that does not take donations, you’ve got my respect right there. But I don’t think it’s completely fair that you’re paying on your own for 6 months without playing on it yourself. You could make a system where you take donations up until a certain point and deny them from there. That way you could make all the donation money go towards the server, you won’t be blamed for “taking money” and it’s the players that keep the community alive as long as they want it to live. NFOServers has a system where people can donate to the server directly, without the owner receiving the money somewhere.

It’s not that I get bored of running my community, but I do find it tiresome sometimes, simply due to what a large portion of the Garry’s Mod user base is like.

A personal example here is that I never shut the fuck up about Fretta and run a server for it. Every time I’ve gone on and asked users for feedback or if things are working, I am usually completely ignored. Recently, we put on a gamemode where the objective isn’t inherently obvious and that it suggests to read the help menu on round start, but barely anyone did and just RTV’d after claiming the gamemode was shit. And that made me feel really frustrated, like I don’t want to have to remove a really fucking good gamemode just because the average gmod user is too lazy to read a few sentences.

Like, do other communities have real issues with getting feedback from people? I sort of feel like we can’t win, because I always tell people to go to our forums since it allows for discussion, I can read it any time and go through things at my own pace, but a lot of regulars are too lazy for that. When people state feedback in-game, it’s usually just really vague and useless. What, the shotgun is OP? How so? Is it the firerate, damage, etc. Are you saying that because you genuinely think that or just because someone killed you with it?

You can never please everyone, and we recently we had to remove a feature because a few friends said they’d play on other servers otherwise which is probably the closest I’ve been to ‘I don’t want to run a community anymore’.

You can only change something so much, like how can you make TTT feel fresh again? You can’t. I mean I tried, by adding my RTD system where it changes the game to have a different effect to mix it up, for example; a round of TTT where you can’t stop moving otherwise you blow up, would be funny right? It was but the amount of people that can’t read (for what ever reason) ruin it and complain…
So adding around 50 or so of these minigames kept me interested again, but even after all that, it only kept me interested for about a month…

Man, you’re the man behind Casual Bananas? If I’m remembering right you guys had a awesome Jailbreak server that I used to play on with a friend about a year ago? Even if not, I remember CB being big a year ago anyway. Its a shame to hear what’s happened man, respect straight back at you!

As for donations, way back when I started, I took a few in, but I stopped because it makes people self entitled. Due to the way other servers are, when you donate you get some sort of benefit, which people now expect to get if they do. I remember a while back I said I would give some pointshop points/chat tags, which I gave for the time, however when I made some changes to the server, I removed pointshop and one person still expected something as compensation otherwise he wanted it back, kinda douchy, so I just gave him back the money couldn’t be bothered (it was only like $5-10), so I didn’t want to deal with shit like that again.

I can’t help but feel donator benefits ruined the gmod community in general. Its not donating. Its buying a some sort of benefit.

Like I mentioned above, I’ve had similar cases with people not understanding mechanics then complaining, even though I’ve tried every possible way to tell them what’s happening

Since I’m a little interested, what was the feature?

I get tired of my community mostly because of the Player Base. One day it’s there and one day it’s not. I did decide to take a break then come back but the same thing kept happening. There’s also drama and lack of entertainment. I try to do certain events to keep myself and others happy but when you play the same gamemode over and over it does get tiresome. The community usually turns to shit and sometimes I do think about stopping and destroying the community.

This is the main reason why I don’t have any sort of donations system set up at the moment.
I’ve been thinking about it, but anything involving money just creates issues.

Donation benefits didn’t ruin Garrysmod, people providing over the top benefits (see: Admin) ruined kids expectations of what they could receive. Running one of the older communities; it gets boring and rather flat at times, but it’s still fairly enjoyable being able to sometimes provide a fresh experience for newer players.

It’s more frustrating to see the influx of what are effectively clones of the same gamemode used over and over. By this I mean x DarkRP community that has the exact same ‘custom’ content as y DarkRP community and currently originality is punished with the server browser.

I just recently had a point where I was going to shut my servers down. Reason: The drama and hunger for power within the community. Everyone wants to feel special, but when one person starts a rant about a shortage of power, the rest of the community begins this bandwagon of bull rap. “Well he deserves it because he blah blah blah,” usually only happens when a staff member gets banned for major abuse. Anyways, this is the 5-6th community I’ve been majorly apart of and it never gets boring. My Secret: Keep looking towards more servers and possibly expand to different games. Most only will host servers in Garry’s Mod for - idk why actually. SSN just got a partnership with a hosting director giving us 4 100+ slot minecraft servers (Which was where I originally started). It requires work, but if you aren’t willing to put in the effort, maybe owning a community isn’t for you. I understand that you’re paying out of your pocket, and thats an issue, I don’t know what else you would want to do because I don’t really know you, but I’m sure you could work something out!

Also, shoutout to Cyberuben for helping me with my Global Ban issue! Give that man a delicious cookie!

Sorry for the wall of text:

Time running server: ~10 Months. During the vast majority of this time I’ve been the lead administrator, only developer and I guess doing whatever a ‘community manager’ does. I was part of a community based around a TTT server and was introduced to DarkRP. A few days after playing DarkRP the owner of the TTT server asked about it and soon after set up a small(8 slot) server for us to mess around on and check it out. I was made a Superadministrator(was admin on the TTT server so I was trusted by this point) and have been in either the co-leadership or leadership position since then. At this point we had no intent on this being an actual ‘server’ but people kept joining, and people kept coming back, so we had to raise the slot limit. Since then I’ve spent over 1500 hours on garry’s mod, easilly 99% of which has been directly connected to this server. I think our lack of exposure to other DarkRP servers has helped us to create a somewhat unique experience, in both features and community.

On this server I have created a very strict environment for staff and players. I honestly thought that our punishment scheme for RDMers and such was lenient, but after joining other servers it’s comparatively strict(e.g. banning a mass RDMer after speaking with them and they continue to mic spam bullshit rather than just jailing them for a few minutes as I’ve seen on many other servers.) This lends well to what I would call a semi-strict RP environment. You cannot get staff by donation, you have to show commitment(usually something like 50-100 hours on the server will catch my attention), you have to show a working knowledge of the rules and show that you’re willing to impartially enforce them(no special treatment for friends), amongst other requirements such as how you interact with players. This has lead to a severe lack of staff which then requires me to be on the server every single day for 5-8 hours AT LEAST. That is what I am tired of. I am a fair and effective administrator but I am most useful as a developer. It is incredibly frustrating not being able to develop new features for the server because I’m stuck dealing with RDM. There have been times where we have been properly staffed and I didn’t have to worry about mass RDM on the production server so I could spend my time fixing/writing new things on my little dev server. During this time I’ve really been able to bang out some work, but unfortunately due to our high staff standards those times are few and far between. THAT is what I am tired of.

What motivates me? The community. I love many of our players and I strive to create an environment where they can spend their time productively and safely. Whether its a group of 5 players sitting around a TV watching YouTube videos, a gun dealer taking pride in the appearance of his/her shop and RPing with a customer, a new player expressing how much they enjoy zombie invasions, or just someone building something for fun in a free-build-zone, I absolutely love this and want to enable and support it as much as I can.

I could ramble about this topic for hours but I’ll cut myself off here. In the end it’s a mostly thankless and difficult job, at least the way I’ve approached it. But to an extent the joy of having a strong friendly community takes away a bit of the negativity of the rest of it.

I’ve been running my community since around 2010.

I don’t get bored of my player base because they entertain me. While we can have serious moments, there is always room for fun and that’s what really keeps me going. On top of this, I love to RDM on my own servers, it brings great joy.

A tip I have: I see a lot of communities fail because they try to include too many people in the administration of their community. You don’t need a co-owner or anyone that helps you make decisions.

People praise me in my community like a god and they take honor in being RDMed by me.

Are you sure it’s a community and not a cult?

Having been a part of D3 since 2008, there have been numerous times I didn’t find it fulfilling anymore, and a few times I’ve wanted to wash my hands of the community. But in the end the people there that I met kept me in it, kept me motivated (for the most part) to keep working on it. In the end we managed to be the first DarkRP server to hit >100 players without any lag, and were #1 for a good while on GameTracker.

In hindsight, it was foolish of me to ever not want to be a part of it, but that’s who I am. In the end, I don’t regret a bit of it.

Since August last year, though, the opposite can be said. My community is dead, nobody seems to want to be a part of it, and I can still say that my own negligence is the fault here. Times that I think about this, I regret ever getting involved with Garry’s Mod.

At the end of the day, though, it really depends on you. If you’re tired of running a server, and it is parasitic to you, then there’s no reason to host it. If you don’t want to be at the forefront of your server, and it can support itself, then there’s no reason not to host it.

If your players have faith in your ability to rebound at least often enough to give new experiences to them, they will pay for your server for you. If that’s the case, then I suggest you do that, and keep the server from depressing you. Take a break. Work on something else. Just be around when your players need you. The moment you neglect your community, is when it begins to die.

I’d disagree with that, the community has been open since 2007 I couldn’t have done it without trusting some people. These are very few but there are some, we created the root rank so that I could promote people to a level of absolute power, which is risky. If I hadn’t trusted Tobba or Lexi I’d never have learned lua for example. I’ve only promoted people to this rank after knowing them for many years, and them spending years as SuperAdmin first. I also think it goes to show, considering we’ve never had a major security leak or a selected admin go rogue. Never had rcon,sqlpasswords, files or such things leaked etc. If you ahead and promote some guy within 1-2 months and give him access to your ftp/db/git repos etc then you’re just asking to be fucked over. Trust takes time to build.

And no I don’t mean those moronic communities who also create “root” ranks for $150 because that’s just stupid.

And yes, I get tired of running servers all the time. I have periods where my activity drops for 6 months then spikes again. They key is balance really, though annoying children like Jelman don’t help :frowning:

Well, since opening a 100Slot DayZ server, being in constant development, I decided to let TTT swim on it’s own, as it has a concurrent playerbase of between 20-32 daily. However, as soon as DayZ started getting seriously popular, I get threats from regulars on TTT that they’re going to leave if I don’t make StaffMemberX CoOwner- so he can update the server (bearing in mind he doesn’t WANT the rank, NOR knows lua, making him unsuitable in the first place), I think that’s a bit far fetched from these guys.

Not to mention the constant drama revolving around the gamemode DayZ, but what’s to be expected, it’s a PVP/PVE environment where you find/loot what you have, and people get mightily pissed off when they loose those items- Even resorting to ban requests on their killer as ‘he must be hacking to have killed me’, sometimes the GMod community disgusts me, but coding is fun so I just carry on doing that and let things take their natural course, I’m all about fair gameplay, so if anyone’s trying to powerplay, then they soon find out they can’t.

But to be honest, since I opened the DayZ server, the server’s jumped up to #7 on GameTracker (highest), with 100 slots and zero lag (I could bump it up to 127, but hey it normally sits around 70-90, never hitting 100 players).

And yes, I sometimes get the ideas to be rid of my community, but the main thing is, it’s not about you, it’s about your players, if the players don’t want to play, that’s when you should be thinking about giving up. But if the server’s, as said before are self sufficient, there’s no reason not to. BUT the one thing i’ve come across is, players are fucking greedy for new content, if I don’t update (and for TTT I refuse to currently, due to the drama going on) people start threatening to leave. I mean, I don’t understand why they’d threaten to leave, is it really going to bother me? I mean if they leave, doesn’t that solve my drama, without me having to get involved in it?

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