Server concept

A small group of us have been brainstorming the past few weeks on how to make a sort of “end game” on our server.
We understand that there will be many trials and certain areas that will need to be adjusted however, the premise.
The main idea is to take a 4500 proc server, add multiple plugins in order to isolate a certain area of the map.
This area will contain 5 zones that will be set up to be progressively harder as your group proceeds. All zones will contain NPC’s and a boss that will
give better loot as the team progresses.
10 Admins will be there to support the enemy team through each challenge but will only have gear to reflect the npc’s of that challenge.
The other players (10-40) will all have a zone prior to the challenge in which they can prepare stocked with helpful npc’s and resources.
The players would be set on Z levels plugin in order to use leveling for each challenge they will face.
Players would need to come together as there would be no raiding. The goal is to get everyone to work together to achieve success in each challenge they face.

Just curious to what others think about this.
Granted, the details are to much to list here atm and I know that I missed a ton (and Im off to work) however…alot of “scale” has been discussed and I think we are on the right track.
We have already begun laying out the base foundation for each zone and are beginning to set npc’s. Would love to hear input and if anyone is actually interested in
assisting with this. Please do post