Server connection issues

I seem to have problems with people connecting to my server.

I’ll give you all the details I can give below:

I had this same problem on L4D2. I eventually got another player to connect under port 27025. I do not know if anyone can connect at this moment.

I tried running the Gmod server on 27015, 27025, and 27035, with no luck for the people trying to connect.

Windows Firewall is off.

Ports 27000-27040 are forwarded through the router.

I have a server.cfg, startserver.bin.

The only addon on the server is the “DarkRP” gamemode which I quickly copied onto there.

Here’s what the console says when the server is started up (I KNOW that the game content is not installed):

Console initialized.
ConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Game.dll loaded for "Garry's Mod"
Mounting hl2.. OK
Mounting ep2.. Failed
Mounting tf.. Failed
Mounting cstrike.. Failed
Mounting dod.. Failed
Mounting episodic.. Failed
Mounting hl2mp.. Failed
Mounting portal.. Failed
Mounting lostcoast.. Failed
Mounting hl1.. Failed
Mounting hl1mp.. Failed
Mounting zeno_clash.. Failed
Error, bad server command sv_allow_voice_from_file 0
Parent cvar in server.dll not allowed (sk_apc_missle_damage)
Garry's Mod client.dll Build #075 [Feb 14 2010 12:55:20]
maxplayers set to 32
Unknown command "cl_interp"
Unknown command "ServerSettings"
Unknown command "{"
maxplayers set to 32
Unknown command "sbox_allownpcs"
Unknown command "sbox_playergod"
Network: IP mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27007 CL
Unknown command "sv_rollangle"
Unknown command "sv_unlag_fixstuck"
Lua initialized (Lua 5.1)
Registering gamemode 'sandbox' derived from 'base'
Error! Variable "$envmapcontrast" is multiply defined in material "katharsmodels/syringe_out/syringe_body"!
DarkRP\gamemode\resource.lua:1: 'do' expected near 'file'
Registering gamemode 'DarkRP'  derived from 'sandbox'
ScriptEnforce is diabled
Executing dedicated server config file
ServiceStart: started as local thread
Unknown command "ServerSettings"
Unknown command "{"
Cannot change maxplayers while the server is running
Unknown command "sbox_allownpcs"
Unknown command "sbox_playergod"
Adding master server
Adding master server
Connection to Steam servers successful.
   VAC secure mode is activated.

My server.cfg, which I copied off the internet purely just for the sake of testing the server’s latency:

	"hostname"				"MDN's RP [PHX/Wire/DarkRP]"
	"sv_defaultgamemode"		"DarkRP"
	"sv_lan"			"0"
	"maxplayers"			"32"
	"sbox_allownpcs"		"0"
	"sbox_maxprops"			"175"
	"sbox_maxragdolls"		"0"
	"sbox_maxnpcs"			"1"
	"sbox_maxballoons"		"2"
	"sbox_maxeffects"		"1"
	"sbox_maxdynamite"		"0"
	"sbox_maxlamps"			"0"
	"sbox_maxthrusters"		"25"
	"sbox_maxwheels"		"20"
	"sbox_godmode"			"0"
	"sbox_plpldamage"		"1"
	"sbox_playergod"		"0"
	"sbox_noclip"			"0"
	"sbox_maxhoverballs"		"25"
	"sbox_maxvehicles"		"1"
	"sbox_maxbuttons"		"15"
	"rcon_password"			"Lolwaitwhat'sthepassword,whydidn'tyouincludeitinthispostidiot"

My startserver.bin:

 c:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_construct +ip -port 27015 -maxplayers 32 -autoupdate +exec "server.cfg"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve had this problem for a while.

Have you given them your external IP address?