Server Constant crashes and lag (too many edicts)

After many support tickets with my server hosters we have decided to post a support ticket here as our server keeps crashing and is getting a large frame drop.
From what we can see the more players we get, the more lag we get and once our server reaches a high amount of player, roughly 20+ the server will then crash.
The only error in console is this:

We know that this is possibly caused by too many entities however i have limited my servers entities so that each player can only spawn 2-3 printers etc…

I would love any help you guys can offer as my server is loosing players due to the crashes every hour.


It’s pretty much caused by having too many entities on the map at the same time, looks like your something on your sever doesn’t clean up entities properly?

No idea what could cause that issue and i already know its a entity issue.
What possibly could make it so it doesn’t clean up? could it be a addon i installed?

Yeah, it’s one of the addons you have, or the gamemode.

the gamemode is darkrp and my addons are from scriptfodder and are popular addons that a lot of servers use so i have no idea what they could be.

Please can someone suggest an idea on how to fix this?
Here i will display all my addons.

I do not know why any of these could cause the issue.
And i doubt it is these but there must be something causing these crashes every hour.

To find out which addon is fucking you over, remove them all, add them one by one, testing to see if your server crashes with each addition. When the server crashes, the thing that’s causing it is the addon you just added.

try lowering your ticks on the server

This would not work due to the crashes happen randomly once there is a high player count. You cannot determine when the crash occurs.

Well i seem to have determined that the crashes occour roughly when these are met:
20 players or more.
VC Mod installed.

After removing VC Mod we recieve no more crashes however the developer of the addon says it has nothing to do with VC Mod because the only entities it creates is the passenger seats.

I know i am not the only server with VC Mod and we have limited our entities to the max now but we still crash.
Still open to any help or suggestions.

Ok, once again i have done some tests.
This time i have removed all my addons.
Only addons still on my server are:

After a whole day being fine and me thinking i had fixed it. It crashed. Same error.
This is rediculous.