Server content never loads or takes forever to load.

Hi, everyone. Ever since I bought Garry’s Mod on Steam, it has always either taken forever to load into a server, or I would just not load in at all. I have verified the files on Steam multiple times. I have compared my files to someone else’s and generally the essential files all seem to be there. I don’t know how to go about fixing this at all. I have disabled firewalls and tried that, as well as re-add Steam and Garry’s Mod into the firewall’s allowed list. Please help, any suggestions would be appreciated.


There can be many reasons that you are loading in slow:

  1. You have a slow download speed, and almost all servers today have custom content that is required for you to download. Test your speed on and post the result.

  2. The server you are connecting to has no FastDL redirection setup, resulting in you downloading the files from the game server itself which has a bandwidth limit on how fast you can download the files from the server.

It just takes forever for some people too. One time I watched half of “The Empire Strikes Back” before the server loaded. I would suggest trying to keep to lightweight servers, usually the less content, the faster it loads.

I just managed to get into a game after 40 minutes of loading. I mean, this can’t be normal right?