Server content pack help

Im very curious if there is a way to mount the content pack from the steam workshop so it will download the content for my gmod server i have no clue how to do this please help me.

How to set up SRCDS:

The part you’re interested in is adding the workshop collection id and api-key to the launch options. There you can set up a workshop collection and add workshop content to your collection. With the collection id and api key in your launch options, your server will automatically download those gma files to your server and automatically mount them so they’re used in your server.

If you want the clients to also download them, you’ll need to use something else.

I wrote this: for that purpose. Remove .html to view .lua if you plan on using it as html doesn’t copy well:

Basically you’d put that file into: garrysmod/addons/acecool/lua/autorun/server/sv_add_gamemode_resources.lua and it’ll resource.AddSingleFile for each file in your garrysmod/gamemodes/<gm_name>/content/* AND it’ll add all .gma workshop files for your clients to download from your garrysmod/addons/ folder.

If you want to remove Lua files from an addon, you would extract the addon and delete the .gma and any files you don’t want to load. Then you’d need to ensure it is NOT in the collection that your server downloads ( because the server will just download the addon and load the files you didn’t want to load in the first place ). After that, you would need to create an empty file in garrysmod/gamemodes/<gm_name>/content/workshop/ called comments_describing_addon_such_as_what_it_is_1234567890.gma where 1234567890 is the workshop id ( my resource script will strip non-digits from the filename and use the digits to resource.AddWorkshop the file so clients will download the addon from the workshop )

Examples for the empty files is located in the lua file.

Hopefully this helps.

I kind of understand and kind of dont can i add you on steam and get some extra help doing this because im a little lost.

Steam Name: AFRICANwaterpark