Server ConVar that the client can read but not change

I have heard of FCVAR_REPLICATED and have tried to use it, but the information either doesn’t appear on the client at all, or the client can change it, any help?

Cant remember what it is, something like GlobalInt does what you want.

Not too sure if I know what you mean but wouldn’t a NWVar be good enough?

[lua]CreateConVar( “what”, "hi, { FCVAR_REPLICATED, FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE } )[/lua]

You have to run it shared though.

Doesn’t the REPLICATED flag send the convar and it’s value to the client whenever it changes serverside?

Is that not what he wants?

Yeah it is, I’m trying it out right now…

… Brilliant it works! I had it in init.lua…