Server CoOwner Running Malicious Commands On Me (And other users)

Some guy was using ULX to run malicious commands on me, I saw he was running this command:

H3LL ran _uploadlua %c:/affka.jar on You

I’m really concerned if he possibly did something to me.
There is no affka.jar in my C:/ directory but I don’t know what to say.
Also, I don’t believe that _uploadlua is a actual command, but anyway.

If anyone wants the server ip, here it is:
He also kept running retry on me etc.

Here is his steam profile and id:

Feel free to go report him.

He’s trolling. You can’t upload files to clients like that (and really? a .jar? :v:).

Yeah I don’t know.
I had all my steam friends report him etc, and then I posted it on here.

Report him to who? To Steam? Steam doesn’t handle personal server conflicts :v:

Whatever. Hes a prick too. He added me on steam and he started trying to apologize and told me not to tell anyone. Well too late.


(User was banned for this post ("Unrelated" - Blazyd))

lmfao, “BITCH”.

That has nothing to do with the thread and is just immature.

Why is he still a co-owner on the server? Do he pay anything for the server?
Also if he was able to running a malicious commands why would people want to join the server?
Trying to advertise your server?

Isn’t that doxing?

ulx cexec, you can find it on the rcon tab

If he’s your co-owner, wouldn’t it be easier to talk to him over Steam or on the server and tell him to stop being a dick, as opposed to posting his Facebook and stuff here?

This is why kids shouldn’t be server owners, or at the very least people who don’t know anything about owning a server.

First of all there’s no _uploadlua so you shouldn’t be worried about that. There’s no way for him to do that using ULX, secondly, and last, if he does this type of thing to you and threatens you like this, you should consider removing his rank, like the people above said.

I don’t know how you guys got to thinking I was the owner of the server, but I’m not?
The guys facebook was on his profile, I didnt ‘dox’ him.
And I know there isnt a _uploadlua.

You know now. Plus linking to someones facebook or any site that reveals much about themselfs would be considered doxing. Well you said co-owner, so we automatically thought you were the server owner.

You want me to remove it so you have to go to his steam profile and click it there? Fine.

Woo stupid server drama!!

Facepunch isnt Dr. Phil, sort your shit out yourself

banid STEAM_0:0:9981256

Should fix your issue

Banning someone from the server they run, smart.