Server counts wrong - Trouble connecting

Hey guys, we’re aware that the server counts are not reliable right now and are working to fix it!

This means that when trying to join a server you may be kicked back to the main menu and not know why!

If this happens, you can see if it’s due to the server being full by pressing console (F1) and looking for a message about maximum connections.

Thanks for playing!

It might be reasonable to add a popup saying why you were disconnected instead of printing the error to console.

Yeah we’re planning to add that, I’m going to bed for the night along with the other devs and we will try our best to resolve this (and other issues) as soon as possible! Thanks for playing everyone!

Is this bug occurring server side or programming side or both? Because maybe if its server side server owners could help fix it!

(Some server owners even fixed the dupe bug before it was patched, just not as well done as the devs)

Thanks for keeping us updated!

And like tigerman said, is there anyway us server owners could try and help?