Server CPU issues PLS Help

Hi so my machine is running on 128 GB RAM (32GB useable due to windows OS) and E5-2650 V2 2.6GHZ Processor, this is totally capable of running 100 players on DarkRP and used to do it fine, however recently the CPU has been running at 100% after it gets about 70 players and the servers tickrate goes down to about 4-6 which causes major rubberbanding. I have spent months playing with server settings to no effect, launched the server with a new sv.db file and no data files in case it was that causing lag and i have no idea what would suddenly cause this.

My netgraph shows usermessages going more than half way up the page ( ) and i was wondering if someone who knows more about this than me could please give me some help to optimise my server or find out what’s causing this lag. I run on a dedi so i can try anything you want.

My server.cfg:

log			on

hostname "Civil Gamers DarkRP | Custom | M9K | Friendly Staff |"
gamemode "darkrp"
r_hunkalloclightmaps 	0
sv_lan 			0
sbox_playergod		0
sbox_allownpcs 		1
sv_noclipspeed		5
sv_noclipaccelerate	5
sbox_noclip 		0
sbox_godmode 		0
sbox_weapons 		0
sbox_plpldamage 	0
sbox_maxprops 		30
sbox_maxragdolls 	0
sbox_maxnpcs 		0
sbox_maxballoons 	0
sbox_maxeffects 	0
sbox_maxdynamite 	0
sbox_maxlamps 		0
sbox_maxthrusters 	0
sbox_maxwheels 		20
sbox_maxhoverballs 	0
sbox_maxvehicles 	0
sbox_maxbuttons 	8
sbox_maxemitters 	0
sbox_maxspawners 	0
sbox_maxturrets 	0
sbox_maxtextscreens 	3
sv_kickerrornum 	0
sv_allowcslua 		0
sv_allowupload 		0
sv_allowdownload 	0
sbox_maxsents 		0
sv_password 		""
sv_region 		255
sv_lan 			0
sv_logbans 		0
sv_logecho 		0
sv_logfile 		1 
sv_log_onefile 		0
net_maxfilesize 	100000
M9KDisablePenetration 1
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_loadingurl ""
--sv_loadingurl ""
fadmin_isscoreboard 1
exec banned_ip.cfg 
exec banned_user.cfg
sitting_can_damage_players_sitting 1
sitting_can_sit_on_players 0
sitting_can_sit_on_player_ent 0
sitting_ent_mode 3
arcslots max_bet 50
arcslots min_bet 10
climbswep2_maxjumps 3
pspak_weapon_stripping 0
pspak_disable_penetration_ricochet 1
pspak_disable_holstering 1

sv_mincmdrate 0
sv_maxcmdrate 26

sv_minrate 5000
sv_maxrate 60000

sv_maxupdaterate 14
sv_minupdaterate 6

fps_max 14

cl_updaterate 14

cl_interp 0
cl_interp_ratio 1.0596

host_thread_mode 2
mat_queue_mode 2
sv_stats 0

Oh, you’re the owner of the most “custom” darkrp server known to man.
I mean, definitely not a darkrp server with a bunch of paid “sleek” scriptfodder addons.

Anyway, I don’t know much about the problem you are having -
but I would change servers, for example, a wasted 98GB of ram and a slow 2.6Ghz processor (it would be good if GMod wasn’t single threaded.)
Also I would recommend changing to Linux (Although some of your “amazing” “custom” “sleek” addons you have may not work),
Linux uses less resources and there isn’t really a reason not to use it.

Also list all your addons, some of them could be badly coded and use lots of resources.

When kristofer kolumbus set out to find the most custom gmod server ever he found mine and wa like u wot m8. So that’s why it says custom in the name, but but but sir but, i’ll give you a list of the addons and yea im considering to get an upgrade for the CPU however it is a very powerful CPU besides the 2.6GHZ bit.

Here’s a list of my addons btw in screenshots, thanks for ur assistance so far tho :slight_smile:



Get rid of qac, even zero will tell you its a terrible ac.

Yeah, get rid of QAC and replace it with something like CAC.
Also, I’ve heard bad things about Durgz and by judging your CFG - climb swep isn’t too great either.

yea Climb sweps removed, QAC is just cos and Durgz… hmm mabye ill test removing it

Also, I don’t think having such a low tickrate is necessary, my server (8GB Ram + i3 2130) has a constant 60 - 80 players with cars and big bases ect… also my tickrate is 33, maybe the ultra-low tickrate is causing the issue?

The servers tickrate drops down to 4-6 due to CPU issues, what CPU are you using?

i3 2130 (Desktop hardware) - it’s 3.4Ghz.

Uhhh yeah 4-6 tickrate is baaaad. Raise your sv_maxupdaterate and sv_maxcmdrate to at least 30. Also judging by that net_graph you have a shit ton of user traffic going around. One of your addons is causing your clients to constantly spam whatever the fuck it needs.

Try these settings and set your commandline tickrate to 33

sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 33

sv_minrate 150000
sv_maxrate 160000

sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_minupdaterate 33

If you get any choke up the sv_min and max rates.

Ok so its not server settings, its some addon overloading like Kiwi said, is there any way i can figure out what addon it is without using trial and error shit for the next 3 years?

Trial and error only.

Also 4-6 Tickrate is fucking bad. It wasn’t just the server settings.

No, after i removed -pingboost 2 its improved but we still drop to about 8-10 at 100 players, improvement but if there is anything else i can do i want to