Server Craftable/Researchable items black list.

So it would be nice if we could black list certain items from being craftable/researchable and lootable within our servers - whilst I understand that this can be achieved by modding your server I prefer to stay in the non modded server list.

I think this would be a good addition to the game, it will allow more variety of community servers and actually give people a reason to join your server versus more populated already popular servers.

Longsword battle anyone? Or maybe you prefer the humble spear.

You must understand that changing something like this changes the gameplay and makes the game a modified version of the vanilla experience. So you shouldn’t be able to do anything like this without it showing up as modded, because doing so IS modding the server.

Community servers are pure vanilla, and it should stay this way.

love the idea, but as haha said, it would make it a modified server, thus modified server list.

Okay, well I’d like to add an argument to what you just said. There are already some modifications that people make to servers which are also vanilla, some examples of this are changing player slots, map sizes, animal spawns, rock spawns and some more I’m sure, these change the experience of so called “vanilla gameplay”, so what exactly is vanilla? Community servers are not purely vanilla - however you look at it.

None of these changes effect the core gameplay, there is no standard to server slots animal spawns and rock spawns, all procedurally generated maps are very different for all three of these, so simply increasing or decreasing them isn’t exactly a modification. and I wouldn’t class changing the size of the map, (or any other of these changes for that matter) as a modification. Thousands of maps are generated every time they change procgen, these generated maps are all different sizes, so simply choosing a larger or smaller map doesn’t fit under the same category as modifying core gameplay like not allowing you to craft certain items.

Changing any of these things you’ve stated would not effect core gameplay whatsoever, so in doing so the server is still classed as vanilla.