Server Crash Help please

I run a linux Garry’s Mod server using darkrp 2.4.3.
It’s crashes often and I need help on how to fix it.
This is the debug.log crash log.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
-reposted because it was in the wrong section -

From what it looks it seems like your bin folder is messed up. If you have access to your server via FileZilla I would suggest doing this.
-Go to the highest folder where you see bin, garrysmod, and 2 other folders I can’t remember the name of.
-Download the entire garrysmod folder to your PC as a backup, although you’ll probably only need the addons, cfg, lua, materials, models, sounds, gamemodes, resource, and scripts folders. Basically any folder you modified or put stuff in you should keep.
-Request your server to be reset
-Re upload your garrysmod folder to how it was before.

If you can’t do that then try asking your host to reset every folder other than garrysmod. Your server might just need an update.