server crash help!!

hey dudes i got a dedicated server and there is this specific person joining and when he does the server console spams numbers from 0-1000 + with all kinds of random bullshit and -1 null at the end either way i know hes crashing it with some sort of exploit know a way i can counter these attacks?

Console dump would help.

i cant even type in the console when he joins the server console starts spaming things so fast its rediculous

You don’t have to, you only have to do like 3 key combinations.

  1. Press ~
  2. Press Ctrl+A
  3. Press Crtl+C
  4. Paste inside of your next post

and this can counter the person flooding my servER?

No, it so we can figure out what he’s doing.

i just know he crashing it upon joining

We can’t help if we don’t know what exploit he’s using. Your only options are to forget it or paste what you get in your console here.