Server Crash / Lag

It lags then crashes with the message “server shutting down”, the error before the crash is:

SoundEmitter:  removing map sound overrides [82 to remove, 0 to restore]

Whole console log:

If anyone can help me with this, its much appreciated!

Ugh, it looks like the server simply shuts down? A crash would not drop players with “Server Shutting Down”.

And that message is completely normal.

It was a DDoS, my bad! And since I updated TCAdmin, when ever my server restarts, it disconnects people with the messaged “server shutting down”. Is there anyway I can make it so it doesn’t disconnect them and gives them a auto-disconnect (where it comes up with the red text in the top right)? This is because I have script that auto reconnects them if the server doesn’t reply for 10 seconds.