Server crash new update

Ever since this new update, my TTT server crashes after the mapvote is over which uses the “ChangeLevel” command and “map” command). Both of those commands crash the server in a way. The server doesn’t competely crash requiring me to restart, it just restarts on the default map set in the srcds config.

Any idea why this is happening? Again, it started with this new gmod update and has never had a problem before.

Any crash logs? Does it happen on non-TTT? Without any addons?

-snip misread-

Nope no crash logs. Last logs are

L 04/19/2017 - 04:25:36: [ULX] (SILENT) My Dime Is Up (No Sound) has forced the mapvote to start.
WS: No +host_workshop_collection or it is invalid!
Adding Filesystem Addon 'c:\servers\miavanillaeu\garrysmod\addons\cac-release-20170204'
Adding Filesystem Addon 'c:\servers\miavanillaeu\garrysmod\addons\donation ranks'
Adding Filesystem Addon 'c:\servers\miavanillaeu\garrysmod\addons\mia'
Adding Filesystem Addon 'c:\servers\miavanillaeu\garrysmod\addons\mia extras'

Normal startup stuff etc.

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Fixed, was using a module that was screwed over when this new update was pushed. FYI: Anyone who us using MetaMan’s lua error module it will no longer work.